Pastoral Team

Pastor Rev. John Bergstadt 434-2145 ext. 211
Parochial Vicar Rev. Scott Valentyn 434-2145 ext. 210
Deacon / Business Administrator Manny Torres 434-2145 ext. 213
Deacon Nick Williams  
Evangelization/Spiritual Growth Ruth Holloway 434-2145 ext. 209
Liturgy and Music Karen (Bernsteen) Buchinger 434-2145 ext. 232
Faith Formation/Youth Ministry Amy Mott 434-2145 ext. 212

Faith Formation Secretary

Sherry Van Helvoirt 434-2145 ext. 206
Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant Lisa Piechota 434-2145 ext. 202
Secretary Judy Tilly 434-2145 ext. 201
Faith Formation Gr 1-5 Susan Casleton 434-2145 ext. 205
Faith Formation Gr 6-8 Katie Westhoven 434-2145 ext. 204
Youth Ministry Kym Allex 434-2417 X 214
School Principal Andrew Mulloy 434-2145 ext. 223
School Secretary Melissa Hollihan 434-2145 ext. 221
Churchtime Coordinator Cathy Seidl
& Susan Casleton
434-2145 ext. 205
SCRIP Lynn McKean
434-2145 ext. 208
Cemetery Superintendent Lynn McKean
434-2145 ext. 200

Staff Pictures - Parish Cemetery - Map to Cemetery

Parish Trustees

Bob Buss and Jean Payette

Council and Committee Chairpersons

Pastoral Council
(meet 2nd Thursday - minutes)
Michelle Malone
Finance Council (meet 3rd Monday) John Hanley  
Finance Reports / Minutes: Annual Report
 Finance Council Meeting Minutes
Social Concerns Lori Janowski  
Site Advisory Council Lisa LaCount  
Board of Faith Formation Molly Huben  
Stewardship Committee Roseann Mader  
Welcoming Committee Sarah Wulf  
Building & Grounds Hal Tust  
All committee meetings are open to parishioners!
Celebrating consecrated life