Pastoral Team

Pastor Rev. John Bergstadt 434-2145 ext. 211
Parochial Vicar Rev. Scott Valentyn 434-2145 ext. 210
Deacon / Business Administrator Manny Torres 434-2145 ext. 213
Deacon Nick Williams  
Pastoral Minister Ruth Holloway 434-2145 ext. 209
Adult/Young Adult Faith Formation Katie Westhoven 434-2145 ext. 204
Youth Evangelization Kym Allex 434-2417 ext. 214
Liturgy and Music Karen (Bernsteen) Buchinger 434-2145 ext. 232
Faith Formation Secretary Jennifer Garcia 434-2145 ext. 206
Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant Lisa Piechota 434-2145 ext. 202
Secretary Sarah Wulf 434-2145 ext. 201
Faith Formation Grade 1-5/Sacrements Susan Casleton 434-2145 ext. 205
School Principal Andrew Mulloy 434-2145 ext. 223
School Secretary Melissa Hollihan 434-2145 ext. 221
Churchtime Coordinator Cathy Seidl
& Susan Casleton
434-2145 ext. 205
SCRIP Lynn McKean
434-2145 ext. 208
Cemetery Superintendent Lynn McKean
434-2145 ext. 200

Staff Pictures - Parish Cemetery - Map to Cemetery

Parish Trustees

Jeff Taylor and Jean Payette

Council and Committee Chairpersons

Pastoral Council
(meet 2nd Thursday - minutes)
Melinda Palzewic
Finance Council (meet 3rd Monday) Dave Withee  
Finance Reports / Minutes: Annual Report
 Finance Council Meeting Minutes
Social Concerns Lori Janowski  
Site Advisory Council Lisa LaCount  
Board of Faith Formation Molly Huben  
Stewardship Committee Pat Lane and Michelle Malone  
Hospitality Committee Katie Westhoven  
Adult Faith Formation Lisa Christiansen  
Building & Grounds Hal Tust  
All committee meetings are open to parishioners!
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