Minister of Worship and Art and Environment

This ministry requires an eye for color and beauty, and an ability to visualize the total picture. You must be willing to learn about the liturgical seasons and symbols and experiment with various media. Meetings are held before each liturgical season and major feast days. You will be asked to work on coordination- implementation plans for decorations, especially at Christmas & Easter.

Minister of the Word (Lector)

This ministry involves a love and respect for the Word of God, and a desire to serve the parish in this capacity. If you have the ability to read well, and a fairly good speaking voice this ministry might appeal to you. Readings are done at the weekend liturgy, usually at the Mass of your choice. In addition, there are two meetings annually which last about 1.5 hours each.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers must be Confirmed and have a love and respect for the Eucharist. This parish ministry is much needed and requires little extra time. You usually will serve at a Mass of your choice when scheduled. There are one or two meetings annually which last about 1.5 hours. We also need volunteers for funeral Masses during the year.

Usher Ministry

This ministry requires people with a warm, welcoming presence that is out-going in Christian hospitality, and the ability to respond to situations that arise when people need help or assistance. This is a great ministry that families can do together. You can usually serve at the Mass of your choice. There is one annual meeting of about one hour.

Altar Servers

Altar servers must have made First Eucharist and be in 4th grade or above, possess a respect for worship, and an ability to learn procedures. There must be a sense of responsibility for the commitment, and the server must have transportation to church. There are three initial meetings to learn procedures, and then the server may serve at Mass of his/her choice 2-3 times monthly. Servers that attend St. Johnís School may also serve at funeral Masses.

Greeter Ministry

Our purpose is 'to be the presence of Christ' to the gathering community. You may be the first friendly face a stranger sees. In some cases the greeter at the church door may be the person's first human encounter of the day. The primary ministry of the greeter is to help people feel welcome as they gather for Liturgy. An open door and warm smile of the greeter helps to set the tone for the Eucharistic celebration, offering hospitality in the name of the Lord. Greeters are those who, almost without trying, can put others at ease and convey the message that all those who enter the doors at St. John the Baptist Church are welcome!